LustraFoam with Carnauba Wax

LustraFoam® with Carnauba is a foaming sealant infused with carnauba wax that provides a beautiful, glossy shine to the painted surfaces of the vehicle. Carnauba is the hardest wax known and is a natural water repellent and UV protector.

Dry ‘n’ Shine

Motor City Wash Works Dry ‘N’ Shine solves one of the biggest problems in the express car wash industry. Shammy like cloth spins and dries the vehicle surface to leave the vehicle virtually water free while bringing out the true shine that the vehicle is meant to have.

Lustra Shield, Total Surface Gloss

Premium Total Surface Gloss with iridescent brighteners, ultraviolet protection and Advanced brightening Polymers that bond to the vehicle, producing a smooth surface and increasing the vehicle’s gloss. Rinse water virtually explodes off the vehicle’s surface Includes brake dust repellent to repel brake dust, protect from road grime and winter road chemicals.

Tire Shine

Water based silicone tire dressing designed specifically for car wash tunnels leaves a deep, black look to the entire vehicles tire surface. Applied using a soft, feather like rotating brush to ensure the tire dressing is applied evenly.

Undercarriage Wash w/ Rust Protector

Undercarriage flush helps prevent new rust from forming on bare metal parts under the vehicle. Also eliminates road contaminates such as salt, and oils.

Lustra Lava

A thick blanket of soap covers the entire vehicles surface to deep clean the vehicle.This specially designed soap helps with improving vehicle shine as well.

Lustra Triple Foaming Polish

An ultra concentrated high foaming red, blue, and yellow vehicle polish that produces beautiful colors and a fresh cherry scent. Designed to add shine to the vehicles painted surfaces and assist in vehicle drying.

Tire & Wheel Cleaner

Ultra concentrated, high foaming heavy duty, yet safe on wheel tire cleaner penetrates dirt and helps remove light brake dust. Soft tire brushes and high pressure sprayers assist in tie cleaning.

Car Drying

Blowers placed strategically to blow most water off the vehicles surface.

Spot Free Rinse

An advanced water purification system eliminates all water ​contaminants and water hardness to help water bead off of the vehicles surfaces.

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